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What is Fissure?

A Fissure can be understood as a simple cut or tear in skin in the anal lining, at the lower end near anus. It is a painful condition where bowel movement and passing of stool can be very painful and may lead to bleeding. It may affect men or women, equally at any age. It is one of the common causes of bleeding in the rectal system.

Fissure occurs especially in anoderm, a specialized tissue that connects the anus to the anal canal. Anoderm is very sensitive to pain as it contains a large number of sensory nerves.


Visual inspection is required to diagnose the Fissure. Anus and anal canal are inspected to diagnose the fissure. If simple diagnosis doesn’t help in diagnosis, then topical anesthetics are used for inspection. In case of bleeding, endoscopic evaluation is done. For patients over 50, sigmoidoscopy is used.

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Generally surgery is avoided in case of Anal Fissure. And with the advancement in technologies laser and microscopic surgery are quick and painless. Although at BERLIN Diagnostics and Daycare, we have daycare treatment service for Anal Fissure, but in most cases patient gets discharged on the same day as the laser surgery is a 30-minute procedure. In critical and complicated cases, there are various other options available. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Anal Stretch
  2. Posterior Sphincterotomy
  3. Advancement flaps to cover the Mucosal Defect

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